200 Hour Foundation – Certificate of Yoga Study & Teaching

Begin your career as a yoga teacher

This course is for anyone interested in pursuing a career in teaching yoga or deepening their understanding of yoga practice.


Upon completion graduates will be supplied with a 200 hour certificate of yoga study and teaching, qualifying graduates to apply for a provisional Yoga Australia membership should they choose to. This certificate coupled with a current first aid and CPR certificate will allow you to apply for professional teaching insurance. Once you are insured, you are legally qualified to teach yoga anywhere in the world.


Graduate testimonials

“Realistic, eloquent and nurturing are things that are hard to find in a teacher training course. Body flow teachers were all of high quality and full of yoga worthy information as well as caring and nurturing which provided the perfect mix for the course”

2016 graduate


“Excellent knowledge base from all the teachers at Body Flow. They all provided a different touch on quality and professional teaching”

2017 graduate


“I absolutely enjoyed my experience at Body flow. The curriculum is thorough and will well prepare you for getting out and get teaching at the completion of all course objectives. Body flow’s point of difference is the teaching practice and ongoing support at course completion. I’m glad I chose Body flow to be immersed in the YTT learning. Friendly and fabulous!”

2018 graduate


”The structure of the course was broken up well and teacher trainers were clear, concise and inspiring when delivering course material. There was so much knowledge to absorb, I loved digesting all the new information and translating it into a class plan.”

2019 Graduate

Training modules include:

Anatomy & Physiology; Online Yoga Anatomy Course with David Keil; Yoga Asana & Contraindications; Relaxation; Pranayama; Meditation; Energetics; Yoga Philosophy; How to teach including cueing, sequencing, adjusting and voice; Teaching practicum; and the Business of Yoga.


Training Overview

The course runs over 5 months and includes a minimum of 200 hours made of contact (in studio) and non contact (at home) study and practice.

Contact classes are made up of 4 x monthly Monday – Friday intensive sessions and final assessments. In addition, trainees must attend a minimum of 20 hours of yoga practice at Body flow yoga and 3 class observations and assistance in real time classes over the duration of the course. Students must attend 95% of all contact hours to graduate and will be expected to make up any missed hours in their own time before receiving their certificate.

Trainees participate in 10 non contact hours of online anatomy lectures with Yoga Anatomy. Preliminary reading and assignments are to be completed prior to all lectures as well as journaling and self reflection of their personal practice both at home and in studio classes.  Trainees have a minumum of 50 hours non contact prliminery reading, practice and study time.

To graduate, trainees must successfully complete all preliminery reading, assignments, online anatomy training, written assessments and deliver a 60 minute yoga class as a practical assessment.


Required Texts

Functional Anatomy of Yoga, a guide for practitioners and teachers. David Keil.

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, any edition


Prior learning

This course does not require any prior learning. However, before applying, we ask that you have practiced yoga regularly for at least a year and recommend that you attend classes at Body flow yoga to get a feel for the teaching style we offer.



Our 200 hour teacher training is $4,800. A deposit of $500 needs to be paid to secure your place. Flexible payment plans are available and can be arranged over the phone after your deposit has been paid. Body flow yoga members receive 15% off the full course fees.  All trainees are encouraged to register as members prior to course commencement if it suits their needs.


Special Offer

Register before June 1st 2019 to receive a special early bird discount of $300


Application Process

To apply for the course please check the dates carefully and ensure you can make all of them, then download and complete the application form and send to hello@bodyflowyoga.com. We’ll be in touch to chat about your application after which you can purchase the course online or pay your $500 deposit to reserve your place. Payment plans are arranged over the phone once your deposit has been received.

Complete your 200hr foundation application form

Frequently asked questions

Sophie Le Fevre – Lead teacher trainer


Asana, relaxation, pranayama, yoga philosophy, teaching methodology, sequencing, practicum, energetics, assessment


Sophie is a highly experienced yoga teacher and the director of education at body flow yoga. She grew up with a yoga teacher mother and was interested in yoga from an early age. Sophie qualified as a teacher through the Australian Yoga Teachers Network in 2000 and completed Donna Farhi’s Advanced Teacher Training in 2004. She has taught yoga for over 18 years in classes, workshops, retreats and teacher training.

Sophie has been Level 3 certified by Yoga Australia since 2013, holds a Bachelor of Science with a major in Psychology, has a Certificate IV in training and assessment as well as business management qualifications and experience.

She is passionate about connecting the universal principles of movement with breath and establishing strong foundations in poses. Sophie is known to incorporate yoga philosophy in classes with a modern and intuitive grace. She encourages her students’ ability for self observation and mindfullness. She posesses an natural ability to guide students to find listen deeply to aims for authentic experience in her classes.

Sarah Hammond – Teacher trainer


Anatomy and physiology, asana, teaching methodology, mentoring, sequencing


Sarah is a fun and knowledgable yoga teacher and studio manager with more than 8 years of experience in the industry. Beginning yoga as a teen, she fell in love with the practice and trained as a teacher at just 21 and has been leading classes, workshops trainings ever since.


Sarah has a background in event management and oversees the day to day running of the studio and the administration of the teacher training program. She is passionate about building community amongst students and teacher trainees and facilitates the mentoring and methodology lectures.


Sarah has trained with Lesley Kaminoff and guides the anatomy and physiology lectures with a focus on the biomechanics of the body combined with a breath centred approach to the way we move. Her classes encourage self awareness and a thorough exploration of movement combined with modern anatomy. She is passionate about guiding students to use their Yoga practice as a means for accepting themselves and acceptance of others.

Additional teaching faculty

Suzie Hoile (philosophy), Deb Roberts (meditation), Melissa Williams (asana contraindications) and other specialty teachers as appropriate.