Frequently asked questions about Yoga teacher training

How much yoga experience do I need to have to do teacher training?

Everyone is different.  Whilst yoga can have a profound impact in one class, ongoing changes evolve over time.  We ask that you have practiced yoga regularly for at least a year before applying. We recommend you attend a few classes at body flow to get a feel for the teaching style we offer and ensure it is a fit for you.


How long does it take to do the 200 hour training?  

The course content runs over a 5 month period with an additional 6 months of optional mentoring support if you choose to.


What does the 6 months of ongoing mentoring give me?

Ongoing monthly mentoring sessions are available with body flow teachers to all graduates. This is a way for you to check in as you begin your teaching journey and receive support and guidance as you put the course material into practice. The mentoring sessions are optional and you can decide if you would like to have them at the end of the course. These can be done by email, phone or in person and are generally 1 per month and 1 hour in length.


What continuing education will be available post the 200 hour course?

A 100 hour advanced teacher training plus a 50 hour aerial yoga teacher training are available through body flow yoga. Additional specialty trainings may also be available in the future.


What happens if I’ve paid my deposit but cannot attend the course?

Your course deposit is non refundable. As numbers are limited in our trainings, this deposit holds your place. Should an emergency arise and you can’t complete it, the course may be completed in the following teacher training course. All decisions are made by body flow yoga and are dependant on availability.


Will I be able to work at body flow yoga after the training?

Whilst we would love to employ all our trainees, body flow yoga will be only be looking to employ a small selection of casual yoga teachers following each training. There may be fill in classes or other employment opportunities offered in the future.


I can’t make a few of the dates, can I still join?

You need to complete 90% of contact hours to graduate. Any missed work you’ll need to make up in your own time. If you miss more than 10% of contact hours, body flow will assess whether it’s suitable for you to continue or to differ the course.


Are payment plans available?

Yes flexible payment plans are offered on a fortnightly or monthly basis, chat to our studio manager for more information.


Why should i get a membership?

A lot of your contact hours will involve practice at the studio and w require you to attend a certain amount of classes at body flow outside of this. This is so that you maintain a consistent level of practice throughout training. If you can’t make regular classes at body flow outside of your contact hours we’ll provide you with a class log sheet that will need to be dated and signed off by the teacher/studio you are practicing regularly at.


Frequently asked questions about Aerial teacher training

Does the aerial yoga training count towards CPD (continuing professional development) points with Yoga Australia or other Professional Associations or Insurance Companies?

All courses go towards CPD points with Yoga Australia for qualified yoga teachers and members of Yoga Australia and are recognised as part of body flow yoga’s comprehensive yoga teacher training course.

I’m not a Yoga teacher, what qualifications does the aerial course give me?

Upon successful completion of this training, you will receive a certificate of completion in the study of aerial yoga poses only. Please note, the aerial teacher training on it’s own will not qualify you as a yoga teacher or aerial yoga teacher. To be a yoga teacher, you require further studies. Body flow yoga offers a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training course and a 100 hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training course which combined, would fulfil the yoga teacher study requirements as outlined by Yoga Australia. It is advised that you always check with your relevant Professional Associations and Insurance Companies for specifics on their requirements.


Do I need previous teaching experience to do the aerial courses?

Any teaching experience that you have will be an advantage, especially if it is movement based teaching experience (e.g. dance, fitness instructor, yoga) for this training.

Do we learn how to set up a studio with silks in the Aerial Yoga Course?

This training is for the purpose of training you to safely teach an introductory aerial class and the basics of an aerial flow class. This course will introduce you to the apparatus care instruction. It does not guide you on the specifics of setting up a studio or group apparatus. The support and guidance given will be general in nature and more specific guidance is by private mentorship outside of the course objectives.


Will I be able to set up my own yoga studio post the training?

Body flow yoga offers franchise opportunities for the right candidates. Students are required to sign a non compete clause in the aerial yoga specialty ensuring they don’t teach aerial yoga within close proximity of the body flow yoga studio in Windsor (unless at the body flow yoga studio itself).  Students teaching more than 40 aerial classes per month in their own studio outside this region will be required to pay a licensing agreement and receive ongoing training and support from body flow yoga. We consider this mentoring support essential when starting to teach this style of yoga. Further details are available on the application form via the teacher training page.