body flow yoga is a studio overlooking the rooftops of Windsor, Melbourne. Our classes are in studio and online.

We offer aerial, flow, restore and meditation classes, plus specialty workshops, teacher training and retreats.

At body flow yoga, we believe it's not how fast or even where we arrive, but how aware we become along the way.

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We breathe this philosophy into our classes with passion and purpose.

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  • Tracker Chaps Avatar
    Tracker Chaps
    8 months ago - Google

    I took a Flow class with Chantal and it was really good. She hasn’t been teaching long but you wouldn’t know it. Lots of modifications for everyone, tailored it to the day and a beautiful voice. I was made to feel really welcome from beginning to end and the studio is really lovely. Would definitely return if I’m in Melbourne again. Thank you:)

    Mounica Reddy Avatar
    Mounica Reddy
    1 year ago - Google

    Absolutely wonderful teachers and great studio! Very flexible timetable and couldn't have asked for a better service or studio. Sophie is the best!

    Yuzhen W. Avatar
    Yuzhen W.
    1 year ago - Google

    Beautiful studio came here for prenatal yoga really loved it.

  • Zoe Tranter Avatar
    Zoe Tranter
    1 year ago - Google

    I’ve been a member at this studio for over a year and I absolutely love it. The teachers are extremely professional, you always feel safe yet challenged energetically. It’s amazing to see how much my strength and flexibility has increased and also my mindfulness. Beautiful studio and great classes not only for aerial but also mat yoga. Highly recommend!

    Xiwen DAI Avatar
    Xiwen DAI
    1 year ago - Google

    One of the best yoga studios in Melbourne. Beautiful studio, friendly staff and fantastic classes. Highly recommend.

    Elka Bellchambers Avatar
    Elka Bellchambers
    2 years ago - Google

    Best thing I've ever done! I go with my mum and sister and we love it. The classes are so fun and the teachers are lovely. We have had Lizzi, Lisa and Lyre so far and they are great teachers. Can't wait for my next class!

  • Amanda Lane Avatar
    Amanda Lane
    2 years ago - Facebook

    Wonderful venue, helpful teachers! Overall a very pleasant experience..

    Pat Chan Fink Avatar
    Pat Chan Fink
    2 years ago - Facebook

    My happy place, oasis of peace, kindness, compassion, love. Modern, light, clean facilities. Quality teaching from years of experience, coming out as a gift to us students on the yoga path called life.

    Gina Souza Avatar
    Gina Souza
    2 years ago - Facebook

    Cute place for an amazing yoga experience!

  • Sarah Low Avatar
    Sarah Low
    2 years ago - Facebook

    Been a member for 2 years now. Fabulous studio, fabulous staff. Supportive and also challenging enough. Beautiful light filled and welcoming space.

    Mel Hunt Avatar
    Mel Hunt
    3 years ago - Facebook

    Beautiful studio and lovely yoga teachers. Aerial yoga was fun and easier than expected. Highly recommend

    Brittany Joy Avatar
    Brittany Joy
    3 years ago - Facebook

    Beautiful studio, incredible teachers…such a wonderful experience to practice yoga here �

  • Rhys Davies Avatar
    Rhys Davies
    3 years ago - Facebook

    BFY is true to its name. If you're constantly on your feet, do your yoga in the air �

    Lauren Brady Avatar
    Lauren Brady
    3 years ago - Facebook

    It’s official, I’m an aerial yoga addict! All of the teachers have their own beautiful ways of teaching, but a special thank you to Sarah and Atika for making sure I always leave with a giant smile on my face, even when I’ve come in on the most stressful of days �

    Elizabeth Scalise Avatar
    Elizabeth Scalise
    3 years ago - Facebook

    Absolutely amazing classes. Each instructor has such a unique and beautiful way of teaching. I honestly cannot believe the positive changes I have already noticed within my body overall, even in such a short time of attending. I will definitely be signing up for a full time membership after my 30 day pass ends.

  • Oliver Thompson Avatar
    Oliver Thompson
    3 years ago - Facebook

    I was just in Melbourne for the weekend and attended an aerial class with Sophie. Great space, light and very welcoming atmosphere. Class was great and challenging with great instruction, motivation and cue from Sophie. Will definitely come back and tempted to move to Melbourne after that class.

    Margarite Kinda Avatar
    Margarite Kinda
    4 years ago - Facebook

    Love this Journey...Beautiful studio , great classes � & wonderful Teachers �

    Lauren Cuthbert Avatar
    Lauren Cuthbert
    4 years ago - Facebook

    LOVED this place! Put me out of my comfort zone, in a very supportive and loving space.

  • Silvia Marreneca Fernandes Avatar
    Silvia Marreneca Fernandes
    4 years ago - Facebook

    Excellent studio and knowledgeable teachers. Try the flow & aerial yoga classes.

    Elizabeth Hare Avatar
    Elizabeth Hare
    4 years ago - Facebook

    Safe place my temple. The space I come to to smile and nourish my body and soul . Staff here are welcoming and the studio is stunning . On a Monday morning a rainbow appears in the studio towards the end of class . Even mother nature bring happy colourful light to this place .

    Jen Blankenship Avatar
    Jen Blankenship
    4 years ago - Facebook

    I signed up for the 1 month for $99 and I couldn't get enough. I've been a regular member for 3 months now. All of the instructors are so wonderful and create a fun and warm environment that pushes your boundaries in yoga. While the high price tag may turn some away, I urge you to take the plunge. This studio is worth EVERY PENNY!

  • Judy Ferguson Avatar
    Judy Ferguson
    4 years ago - Facebook

    Went to my first aerial class on friday and it was incredible! I felt so welcomed and got so much help whenever I needed it! And we got to take photos at the end which was really awesome :) such a great studio!

    Lisa Nicole Hind Avatar
    Lisa Nicole Hind
    5 years ago - Facebook

    This studio is so welcoming and peaceful and the instructors are incredibly helpful. I always get something out of every practice whether it's a life message or I manage to master a posture I couldn't before. This place just feels right.

    Sharon McNamara-Youl Avatar
    Sharon McNamara-Youl
    5 years ago - Facebook

    So much fun doing the Restore class. Low aerial work was both challenging and invigorating. Getting the twist out of the silk helped, murder on the hips for a first timer. Can't wait for an Aerial Intro class so I can go full aerial!! Pleasant clean space, and lovely instructor. Shavasana in the fully outstretched silk was a serene experience.

  • Heather Joel Avatar
    Heather Joel
    5 years ago - Facebook

    Simply stunning studio with superb teachers in such a beautiful environment. A gorgeous touch to end Savasana with the aroma of essential oils wafted above the nose. Heaven! My intro to Aerial Yoga and I am HOOKED! :)

    Mimi Carter Avatar
    Mimi Carter
    5 years ago - Facebook

    Wow, the lululemon athletica Camberwell crew got inverted for the first time here and had a ball. We walked away feeling stretched and liberated at the same time. We love Body Flow hangs x

    Sharon Krisanovski Avatar
    Sharon Krisanovski
    5 years ago - Facebook

    Amazing experience! I think i'l never stop doing it now :D

  • Kate Gorman Avatar
    Kate Gorman
    6 years ago - Facebook

    Awesome studio, love different class types, aerial, flow & restore are my fave's! Sophie & her teachers are superb. Highly recommend

    Wendy Lime Avatar
    Wendy Lime
    6 years ago - Facebook

    Amazing teachers, great studio with natural light and clean facilities. Aerial yoga is so much fun, you feel like a kid again flying upside down. Every class is different and interesting. The silks act as a really good support for making challenging yoga poses a little easier and deeper. Definitely coming back to do more!

    Connor Hunter Avatar
    Connor Hunter
    6 years ago - Facebook

    Walked out feeling fantastic.

  • Karen Chau Avatar
    Karen Chau
    7 years ago - Facebook

    Wonderful, loving it :)

    Isabelle Siu Avatar
    Isabelle Siu
    8 years ago - Facebook

    Awesome teachers, great style. Rumour has it... New studio opening soon!!

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