When does my intro pass start?

Your intro period starts from the first class you attend at the studio.  It doesn’t start when you buy it, so you can take your time and come to class when you’re ready.


Can I book for my friend/ family member as well?

You can only book for yourself under your own login. Your friend needs to create their own separate login to book into classes. You can also create a login for them using their details and your email address. Feel free to email us for assistance on booking more than 2 people.


What happens at the end of my intro pass?

We’ll call you to check in. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed practicing yoga with our teachers and are ready to become a member of our community. Check out our membership options for the details.

How do I prepare for my first class?

Come prepared for a warm welcome, quality teaching and a bit of fun. Arriving at least 15 minutes before class is ideal and gives you time to turn off your phone, get setup in your silk, fill out a registration form and relax.

I’m pregnant, can I still do aerial?

Our aerial intro and aerial flow classes are not suitable for pregnant students. We recommend attending an aerial restore or restore class instead which is prenatal safe.


I have a pre existing medical condition, can I still come to class?

It is essential that you fill in an online or hard copy registration form and disclose any health conditions to the teacher before your first class. This information will be kept confidential. The following conditions are cautions to consider for any students wishing to practice aerial yoga depending upon the severity of the condition.


-  Low blood pressure

-  Motion sickness or dizziness

- Vertigo

-  Fainting

-  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

-  Arthritis

-  Sinusitis

- Migraine

- Disc herniation


Aerial yoga has specific contra indications to be aware of. As a general rule, if you have any of the following conditions aerial yoga is not suitable for you. We request that you contact us to discuss further and get approval from a medical professional before you proceed to an aerial class with any of the following conditions.


– Pregnancy

– Heart Disease

– Unmedicated high blood pressure

– Recent surgery

– Recent stroke

- Extreme vertigo

- Severe osteoporosis

- Severe chronic fatigue

– Hiatal hernia

– Spondylosis

– Stenosis

– Acute facet joint joint pathology


I’m driving, where do I park?

There is 2 hour parking on Eastbourne st via Hornby st and additional parking along Chapel st and adjacent side streets. Please check parking signs for any time restrictions.  If you’re travelling to the studio at peak hour or in the evening we recommend allowing extra travel time to find a carpark close by and to allow for busy traffic conditions, that way you won’t have to rush!

What facilities do you have?

The Body Flow Yoga studio is fully equipped for your comfort with showers, bathrooms, a kitchenette and lounge.  We supply complimentary mats, tea and bathroom supplies.


What temperature is the studio?

We keep the studio at a comfortable temperature suitable for the class.  We provide a warm and cosy practice room and will cool it on hot days!

Can I gift an intro pass to someone else?

Of course you can! If you’d like a friend to come along, gifting them a pass or a membership is a thoughtful gesture. Create a login yourself and go to ONLINE STORE and select Gift Cards. You can then design a personal card and it can be printed or emailed directly to them.

I have more questions…

We may not have the answer to life, the universe and everything, but we can help you with anything yoga. Contact us now, or if you prefer, call us on (03) 9016 9061.