Mental Health and Lockdowns

Lockdowns have put a great strain on our mental health for many reasons. In some lives, it has meant loss of work, income and the security and purpose derived from these activities. For others, it has caused great fear for the loss of loved ones or the actual loss which has created storms in our thinking and feeling.


Uncertainty has caused stress. Hope has been diminished over long periods of time as we haven’t known what the future looks like. Changing lifestyles has meant we have had to learn new ways of coping and many have struggled.


Isolation has meant we haven’t had the much needed human contact, emotional support and sharing of this experience called life.


Thankfully we live in a community where there is help to be found. Looking after ourselves can be a big job especially when facing big challenges. Finding the right tools is possible. Getting professional help, talking and healthy habits are all ways we can support ourselves to feel better.


Yoga and meditation are also simple and time tested strategies to provide tangible help. A regular practice teaches us to deal with feelings right here and right now. We learn to be in the present and find the much needed state of ease with miraculous simplicity. Practicing doesn’t change the situation. Uncertainty and suffering remain, yet we can find the care and listening that helps us. Yoga is a practice with many styles. When we find a practice and commit to it regularly, it helps what ever we going through.


Modern day technology brings the practice to our finger tips. All we need is some floor space and time. It starts when we do. Our online yoga studio offers different styles. From flow intro and flow, to restore and meditation and our specialty style of aerial yoga, you are guided to be present. And you are left feeling a whole lot better in body, heart and mind. Try a class when you can. We offer a complimentary 1:1 zoom session to welcome you, get you started and support your practice. Find all details and the range of classes through our online studio here.