Yoga is an ancient practice with great relevance for modern lives.

Never before have we been subject to so much mental and sensory stimulation. The need for yoga today is greater than ever before to help us regain our natural state of ease, health, wellbeing and happiness. There are many yoga teachers today bringing the ancient practice of yoga to more and more people for many real reasons.

To achieve overall wellbeing

Yoga works to align your body, mind and spirit.  An ideal path to achieving a natural state of body and mind.  Yoga improves physical health,  fitness, strength and mobility, but the most lasting benefits are often an improved state of mind and a greater sense of alignment with life.


To improve posture and body tone

Yoga strengthens and tones the muscular system in a positive way.  Muscles are developed to better support a healthy spine and overall postural structure. Yoga brings us into our bodies to feel more, enjoy more and improve the way we stand, sit and move.


To increase core strength and energy

Yoga improves diaphragmatic function and core awareness to facilitate improved breathing, wellbeing of our organs and our body’s as a whole. Yoga assists better heart functioning, increased lymphatic circulation and greater energy levels.  Getting to know and love our energy to full health comes with regular practice.

To overcome stress, anxiety and depression

Stress comes in many forms. Exercise, a healthy diet and creative pursuits help to keeps us feeling alive, centred and content. Yoga has been proven to enhance mental discipline, ease anxiety and balance moods and energy levels.  A meaningful, focused, balanced and peaceful way of life often comes through yoga.


To enhance relaxation and calm

Regular practice increases the relaxation response in the nervous system, enhances mental focus and awareness.  Stress is eased, clarity and self-reflection improves the way we perceive – not only ourselves but others and the world around us as well.  We find ourselves having happier thoughts, words and actions.


To enhance sport performance

Practicing yoga cultivates agility and ease of movement in all physical activities.  Improved flexibility and increased range of joint movement increases speed and mind body connection. No matter what sport you’re into, yoga will help you perform at your peak, while also decreasing your chances of injury.