‘There is a certain stillness to the early morning that is unattainable for the rest of the day’.


I remember reading this quote a few years back and it instantly resonating with me. I wrote it on a post-it note and stuck it on my desk at work so that I would always be reminded to not lose my ‘morning motivation’. I never used to be a morning person. Ever. I was a self-proclaimed night owl, and proud of it.  I always stayed up late, and would then spend the morning trying to drag myself out of a sluggish morning stupor. I’d have to rush around in a frenzy to get ready and would inevitably end up late for work.


As I began to embark on a more conscious journey toward better health (both mental and physical), I knew I needed to form new habits, and form new habits I did. I made a commitment to myself that I would begin to exercise regularly. Very quickly I began to feel more energised. I started to incorporate an occasional morning session into my schedule, but it wasn’t long before the morning sessions started to overtake my routine. A day that begun with a yoga session, a walk or a run, or even a good stretch at home were days that were generally happier, calmer, and more productive.


Since finding Body Flow Yoga, my morning routine has become even more enjoyable. When heading to a 6.30am class, I will get up early enough that I don’t have to rush; even if I am feeling tired, I know how much better I will feel when I get to a class, how amazing I will feel at the end of a class, and how much tireder (and often more irritable) I will feel throughout the day if I don’t get to a class. This makes getting out of bed, even in the dark, so much easier. Now don’t get me wrong, there are days that I choose to honour my body and stay in bed. If I am really tired or really sore I will always allow myself the break, as we all should, but eight times out of ten I will do some form of morning exercise, and it’s a Body Flow yoga class that is my favourite.


I love the stillness of the morning, the quiet streets, the birds chirping, the feeling that you almost have the world to yourself. You can hear yourself think, and breathe. And when you get onto the mat and are guided through a full 60 minutes of delicious ‘you’ time whilst watching the sun rise over the studio, it is hard not to feel like you can conquer the rest of your day with a sense of grounding calmness.


I will always leave the studio with a smile on my face, a skip in my (sometimes shaky) step, and complete gratitude for my ability to get out of bed to appreciate the stillness of the early morning, and the calm that a beautiful morning yoga class brings.


Kristy is a member at body flow yoga windsor and kindly offered to write this post for us. You can catch her and the rest of the early birds at the 6:30am classes Monday to Friday.