100 Hour Graduate Yoga Teacher Training

The next step after your 200 hour teacher training

This comprehensive 100 hour course is for anyone interested in pursuing further study and education after completing their initial 200 hour teacher training course. Run as 3 x weekend monthly intensives in the studio, participants will be immersed in practice, study and teaching. Find the freedom of expression in your practice and refine your personal message as a teacher in a nurturing and empowering environment.


Upon completion graduates will be supplied with a 100 hour certificate of Graduate Yoga Study and Teaching, this course counts towards continuing professional development points with Yoga Australia.


Training modules include:

Embodied awareness and kinesthetic practices, class management and ethics; the business of yoga, pranayama, class management and ethics, class theming and sequencing, adjustments, workshop structure, meditation, relaxation and mindfulness, yoga philosophy

Expressions of interest are welcome by emailing hello@bodyflowyoga.com

This course consists of 70 contact hours (face to face time in studio) and 30 non-contact hours (study, practice and teaching outside of the studio)


Prior learning

This course is open to yoga teachers that have completed a minimum of 200 hours teacher training. We also recommend that you attend a few classes at Body Flow Yoga before applying to get a feel for the teaching style we offer.




Sophie Le Fevre – teacher trainer


asana, relaxation, pranayama, yoga philosophy, teaching methodology, sequencing, practicum, energetics, assessment


Sophie is a highly experienced yoga teacher and the director of education at body flow yoga. She grew up with a yoga teacher mother and was interested in yoga from an early age. Sophie qualified as a teacher through the Australian Yoga Teachers Network in 2000 and completed Donna Farhi’s Advanced Teacher Training in 2004. She has taught yoga for over 18 years in classes, workshops, retreats and teacher training.

Sophie has been Level 3 certified by Yoga Australia since 2013, holds a Bachelor of Science with a major in Psychology, has a Certificate IV in training and assessment as well as business management qualifications and experience.

She is passionate about connecting the universal principles of movement with breath and establishing strong foundations in poses. Sophie is known to incorporate yoga philosophy in classes with a modern and intuitive grace. She encourages her students’ ability for self observation and mindfullness. She posesses an natural ability to guide students to find listen deeply to aims for authentic experience in her classes.

Suzie Hoile – teacher trainer


Suzie began her yoga practice at Body Flow Yoga ten years ago, and as a teacher, feels privileged to be able to share the practice of yoga with others. Her motivation for teaching is driven by the belief that the ancient philosophical teachings of yoga are a gift for humanity and offer profound life – enhancing benefits for those who practice yoga sincerely with an open heart and mind.


Since completing the 200 HR Teacher training, and while remaining an eternal student for life, she has studied extensively with a range of national and international yoga teachers including Sophie Lefevre, Jenni Morrison- Jack, Donna Farhi, Ana Forrest and Leslie Kaminoff.


Suzie gains inspiration from her students, as they awaken to a better understanding of not only themselves, but of life itself, and provides them with guidance and support throughout their individual study and yoga practice.


Additional teaching faculty

Deb Roberts (meditation) and other specialty teachers as appropriate.