We have heard that the present is the real gift. How we think, feel, behave and interpret life is happening right now, in the present, and this is a gift.  Why then, are we not all happy with this gift?


We are all in the present. There is no other place we can actually be. Leaving the thinking mind in charge can lead to concern about what was or was not and what will be or won’t be.  We often find ourselves thinking of the past or future which takes us away from what is right now.


We can’t directly affect the past or future in the moment, however, our minds sure do like to wonder and judge ourselves and others.


I am aware through listening to my body in yoga practice of the impact of thoughts on the body.  There is a whole universe to observe through subtle and internal focus.  Yoga practice enables us to reverse the cause and affect of thoughts.  By relaxing and connecting to the body, we relax into awareness behind the thought and observe our thoughts.  As we do this, their affect diminishes and we become more able to consciously choose our thoughts.  Staying established in this relaxed place, thoughts begin to dissolve into this peacefulness within.  Boundaries within self and between ourselves and others dissolve as well and we experience the state of yoga.


Here, we are truly present with what is. Not grasping for other or pushing away what is.  Being connected to our selves and with everything around.


Our body, breath and mind are entire universes to work with.  The body reminds us when we are going into reaction or concern.  It is our regular practice that brings us back to our inner peace.  We bring body, mind and breath together through yoga and this is where relaxation, peace, awareness and the present gift really is.


Being present, we make peace with our past and clear intentions for our future.


Yoga give us the true gift of being present to be at peace here and now.  It takes time, but is more than worthy of the effort.