We often get asked what style of yoga do you teach at body flow yoga.  This is a great question and I wanted to answer it as best as I can at this time.


The truth is that everything evolves and changes and adapts with time and conditions.  This is true for yoga too.  Whilst at its core, the word yoga means the same as it always did, it’s application does and should continue to adapt to the moment and consider the needs of particular people, times and places.


Let’s look at a brief definition and history of Hatha yoga which is the foremost kind of yoga practiced in Western countries today.


Hatha yoga incorporates a physical practice using asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing), pratyahara (quietening of the senses), dharana (focus) and dhyana (meditation) amongst other ideas.  The lineages of the Hatha yoga practice are many and include styles based on many great teachers.


Krishnamacharya is known as the modern father of Hatha yoga today.  He is credited for teaching many of the key teachers who bought yoga to the West including BKS Iyengar (creator of the style known as Iyengar yoga), Patthabi Joyce (creator of the style known as Ashtanga vinyasa) and his own son, Desikachar (creator of viniyoga).  We often refer to the lineages of Hatha yoga like a tree branching outwardly in ever expanding directions.  Each new branch is connected to the trunk yet has evolved and continues to grow.


Where does body flow yoga fit in?

Body flow yoga is a style that has been inspired by many teachers.


As education director, my teaching style largely influences the feel and culture of all classes and the overall style.  This has culminated through years of childhood yoga inspired by my mother who taught me from age 7, Iyengar yoga which I practiced during University years, the style of my initial Melbourne based teacher training course (AYTN), workshops with senior teachers including Simon Borg Olivier and an advanced teacher training led by Donna Farhi. Donna’s training developed subtle listening in practice and fostered the how rather than the what in practice with intelligent listening through pranayama and movement principles at the core of whatever type of yoga class I practice or teach.


Other body flow yoga teachers are selected by their training, experience and ability to empower students in how rather than just what they are practicing. Moment by moment mindful awareness is the body flow yoga style of practice and an affective way to explore the larger concept of yoga.