I often begin the Restore class by asking students what the word restore means to them. From the standpoint of the physical body, an answer might well be an intention to restore a greater range of joint mobility and overall greater flexibility.


The restore class can also provide students with the opportunity to recover from physical injury, and contribute to a sports training program. There are, however, increasing numbers of students who attend the restore class seeking a place of calm to ‘sit ‘in stillness using the breath practice to ‘anchor’ overactive busy minds.


By feeling into our physical body, through breath awareness, and slowing the practice down to hold the poses for longer periods of time, we are better able to become present to the moment and feel with deep awareness into not only our physical body, but also into our mental and emotional states of being.  With the support of the aerial silks, the restore practice is an opportunity to go deep within oneself to remove layers of constriction embedded in muscle tissue and by association, the metaphoric layers we build up over our lives in order to protect our true selves.


Our yoga mats reflect back to us who we are when we practise deeply and mindfully. Through concentrating and observing the physical, emotional and mind states we arrive at self acceptance; a sense of calm and a heightened appreciation of life’s infinite magnificence.


About Suzie: She began her yoga practice at Body Flow Yoga in 2008 and inspired by her teachers and desire to share it with others, Suzie undertook teacher training with Purna Yoga, Byron Bay. Her love for yoga is enhanced by its emphasis on the mind, body, spirit connection and consequently is the focus of her restorative style of teaching.
She continues to study with a number of inspirational teachers not only from Melbourne: Sophie Lefevre, Jenni-Morrison Jack and Cassie Lee, but also International teachers such as Simon Park, Ana Forrest, Leslie Kaminoff and Desiree Rumbaugh.