Body flow's online studio

We are so excited to offer our online studio to the world.  We love what we do and have had many students say over the years, “I wish you were where I live”,  “You have such a relaxing and unique way of teaching”, “Can you do an online studio?”


We were really focussed on teaching face to face.  Then, things changed and we needed to adapt and change with the environment and we did.  We found that teaching online was fun to learn and develop.  Since the early starting point, we have grown and developed this new offering.


You can now do many classes “On demand” from shorter tailored classes to full 60 minute classes like going to the studio.  Our “Live class” section, has classes in real time or the archived recording of this class.  We adapt the Live class timetable to suit member needs and develop new shorter One Demand classes regularly.  Send us your requests and you can have a class made for you… enjoyed by many.


If you enjoy the community feel, there are links below the Live class video to be able to have a chat before class.  Join 10 minutes pre class time to catch up and share with others and the teacher.  This helps us stay connected.


We hope you love our online studio!  Watch this video which explains it in detail!  Don’t forget to send us your thoughts, requests and feedback.


Lots of love,

Sophie, Sarah and the whole amazing team.