Is yoga more than a physical exercise?

Yoga is an ancient practice which has been developed throughout the centuries.  In Patanjali’s yoga sutras we are told that yoga is ‘the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind’.


Through ‘yoga’ or the ‘union’ of body, breath and mind, the egoic self merges with the totality of life or the divine. This state is ever present within us and able to guide each and every moment.


We practice physically to declutter, destress and reawaken into the experience of this state.  We focus to witness the thoughts, the ego, the emotions and let go of these identifications into a state of wholeness and unity.


Yoga comes when a moment of knowing is present without identity, thought or conception of time.  It is a sacred experience of being alive.  Yoga is the present moment and a place from where gratitude arises with brilliance and majesty.


We thank all philosophers and teachers who have passed on this knowledge and are grateful to have the opportunity to practice its truth.