How to join online live stream classes

Everything you need to know to practice with the body flow team from the comfort of home



Having a home yoga practice is a great way to stay relaxed and clear in uncertain times. We are so pleased to be able to offer live stream classes to our community so that you can continue to practice with us from anywhere.


Setting up for online classes


  1. Create an online studio profile and choose to join for a day or a monthly membership.
  2. Browse the class recordings page and join the live stream class of aerial, flow and restore styles at the specified time for a live class.
  3. Choose live or any historical class from the top left corner of live classes.
  4. Try other class recordings here that have no specified time for some of our best class recordings.
  5. Browse the on demand classes for shorter class lengths, specialty practices or pre recorded classes including meditation, philosophy and workshops.
  6. Set up for practice and get started.  If you are practicing Aerial from home, please ensure your set if is safe and functional.


Online studio class FAQ’s


How do I log on?


Go to the body flow yoga website and select ‘Online classes’.  Choose either Class recordings (which includes live streamed classes) or On demand.


What is a live stream class?


It’s a current time and live video of a class. There are students practicing with you either from home or the studio.


There’s sound issues?


Check your computer or phone audio settings.  We recommend using cordless headphones for best sound.  Live stream classes are recorded live and all sorts of things can happen.  It’s just like being in a real class so expect some unusual sounds from time to time.  Just keep going.


I’m going to be a tad late, can I still join the live stream class?


Yes! Join in when you arrive and start at the beginning.


Can I request a specific class focus or length of class?


Yes.  Send all feedback and requests to us by emailing and we will do our best to assist you.