Meet Hayley

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Meet Hayley!

She has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and teaching for 5 of those.

As an ex dancer Hayley found yoga after an injury. She originally needed the practice to nourish her body but stayed for the nourishment it gave her mind and soul.

Her favourite yoga posture: Supta badha konasana. Anything grounded, open, receiving and surrendering.

If you weren’t teaching yoga: Hayley sees herself as a nutritionist, she has a real interest in food, loves preparing, eating and talking all about food.

Random fact: Hayley loves to listen to old school rnb music

Hayleys classes are full of love, encouragement, creative and dynamic sequencing, breathwork and meditation.
Meet Hayley on the mat, and get to know her even better on Thursdays at 6.15am for Flow.