Sound Journey with Mark Cedro from Inner Soul Sounds

Investment: Casual Attendance $45, Member rate is $30

Join us for a practice of relaxation and rejuvenation with Mark from Inner Soul Sounds. Be guided through a gentle movement and pranayama focused practice before before settling into a meditative sound journey.


Mark weaves together a sound journey to the Handpan, percussion, gong, crystal bowls and even the didgeridoo. The vibration of sound is a powerful healing tool to help us connect back with our selves and help us enter a deep meditative state where healing work can begin. Sound has a powerful way of shifting and releasing blocked energies, blocked emotions or even just helping our tired muscles relax and heal. It is the vibrational way to finding a deep sense of inner peace.


Details: Sunday June 30th, 6 – 7:30pm $45 casual rate $30 members rate.
Teacher: Mark form Inner Soul Sounds and Sarah Hammond


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