Commencing Sunday 19th of May, 6-7pm with Atika Fraval for 5 consecutive weeks

Mindful Pregnancy Yoga 5 Week Course

Investment is $120 for casual attendance or $75 for members

Welcome and embrace this special time of pregnancy by delving into mindful pregnancy yoga.

A way to connect to yourself and bub, to strengthen and relax your body to allow the natural rhythm of changes taking place to flow. We’ll move with breath, locate and engage pelvic floor muscles, plus learn to tune in to what bub and body needs during the different stages of your pregnancy. Open to women at all stages of pregnancy and no prior yoga experience is necessary.

Atika has been teaching mamas to be for more than a year after completing 85-hours of Mindful Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training, a combination of active movement with breath, pelvic floor engagement and deep core conditioning.

Week 1 Intro to pelvic floor and mindful breath. Concepts of deep core conditioning, modifying for pregnancy and listening to your body. Intro to any warning signs to discontinue exercise.

Week 2 Meditation – pelvic floor engagement, connecting to bub, intro the standing sequence, intro to active pregnancy and noting the positions/ poses suitable for active labour.

Week 3 Focus on pranayama and its affect on birth. What is yoga breathing? Types of breath not to practice during pregnancy. Mindful meditation.

Week 4 Pelvic floor engagement, mindful flow, cultivating self-acceptance and appreciation for the transformation your body is undertaking. Body scan meditation.

Week 5 Being in your body, playful movement for active labour and prep for a positive birth experience. Pelvic floor engagement and simply surrendering to your body. Closing meditation.

Details Sunday May 19th 6 – 7pm for 5 consecutive Sundays. Investment $120 casual attendance or $75 for body flow members. Teacher: Atika Fraval.


PLEASE NOTE: Drop in classes will be available to those that can’t commit to the full 5 weeks. Drop in rate is $30 a class. Please email to reserve your spot.


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