1st - 28th

February Challenge

with the Body Flow community at our Windsor studio

Increase the benefits of your yoga practice by practicing more this February. Join the body flow community and increase the amount of yoga and meditation practice you do for a month. This is unique to you so you can practice as much or as little as you like- just make it an increase!


We’ll be offering classes that cover all aspects from the challenging and dynamic to restorative : ) Receive weekly emails with guided meditations and audio home practices from our teachers. Track your progress on the challenge board in the studio. You’ll be supported from start to finish and we’re offering new weekly classes and specialist workshops to give you even more opportunities to get to class!


This challenge includes:

  •  unlimited classes at body flow yoga studio
  • weekly inspiration emails with audio home practices for meditation, asana and pranayama
  • relaxing yoga nidra & meditation workshop
  • dynamic arm balances & inversions workshop
  • daily tracking board in studio

Details: Complete as many classes as you can (we suggest 4 a week and the home practice, the workshops are optional) between February 1st and 28th.

$70 for body flow members. $200 for casual attendance (includes monthly unlimited membership)