Sunday July 28th, 6 - 8pm

Embodied Mindfulness Workshop with Lisa Ball

Investment: $50 for casual attendance, $40 for body flow members

Join Lisa Ball for a two-hour workshop for men and women fuses ancient Eastern wisdom with modern somatic practices to explore what it means to live life with vitality, clarity and compassion.
The fast pace of daily life and the push to ‘do’ and ‘achieve’ has disconnected us from our most valuable ally — our body.
Using Buddhist mindfulness practices, meditation and embodied movement explorations, we will journey back home into our body and uncover as a tangible, felt experience, what it feels like to be deeply at home in ourselves.
We will explore the difference between self-esteem and self-compassion and how cultivating self-compassion – rather than self-esteem – builds vitality and clarity and reminds us of our shared humanity and connection with all those around us.
You will receive lots of resources and practices to use in daily life for a deeper connection to yourself. You will leave this workshop feeling energised, inspired and profoundly nourished.
Sunday July 28th, 6- 8pm
Casual attendance $50, Members $40
Teacher: Lisa Ball