Saturday 14th of September, 3 - 5pm with Sophie LeFevre

Aerial Therapeutics Workshop

Investment: $50 for casual attendance, $30 for body flow members

Experience the benefits of traction and elongation for the spine, in particular the lower back and neck in this therapeutic aerial workshop. Optimal posture and how to continuously achieve this will be discussed and techniques given. Standing, seated and lying poses as well as diaphragmatic breathing will be used to significantly improve physical posture, emotional stability and mental focus and ease. Inversions will be used for therapeutic purpose with guidance given to assist students to let go safely. Suitable for anyone looking to improve posture and breathing, relieve back or neck pain, and those interested in the therapeutic benefits of yoga.



Details: Saturday 14th of September, 3-5pm, $50 for casual attendance, $30 for body flow members. Teacher: Sophie Le Fevre